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Feeling unsure about purchasing minis? See what other professionals have to say about them!


"I have been LOVING Tiny Talk Toys' minis and boom cards. They are so affordable compared to other minis out there, and provides effective minimal to no prep therapy. My clients have really enjoyed them as it maintains their attention and engagement (especially in conjunction with the booms). I highly recommend to any professional working with children! Nothing but positive feedback from the simplicity of ordering to application in therapy." ~Nadia

"I love using Tiny Talk Toys describing and comparing Boom Cards with my clients! They particularly enjoy when I pair this deck with Tiny Talk Toys' minis!" ~Montreal Fluency Centre


"I was able to use the Food Themes minis and prepositions Boom Cards during a virtual session and the child got so excited seeing the minis through my screen! They're awesome" ~Emily

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