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Our Miscellaneous Minis pack is perfect if you want to try our product but don't want to break the bank!


Even without a clear theme, minis can be used in a variety of speech and language activities.


If you like what you see, take the pludge and buy a Themed set!



- 25 assorted mini objects

- Comparing & describing companion boom deck


Tiny talk toys can be used with:

- sensory bins

- food themed books

- food themed games

- play scenes

- digital downloads

- & so much more!



Size: Approximately 1", size may vary

Materials: Resin, metal, acrylic

Colors and style may vary


WARNING: children should always be supervised when using tiny talk toys. This product contains small objects, and are not suitable for children under the age of 3-years-old

Miscellaneous Minis

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